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Run-Off Election: June 15th

Early Voting: June 3rd-11th

Kyle Scott Momentum Leads Going into Run-Off

With 1st place and nearly 47% of the vote, Kyle has advanced into the upcoming June run-off general election. Make a plan to vote once more in June to help secure a Kyle Scott victory for accountability, transparency, and integrity.


In 2023 voters approved a proposal to expand the HCAD Board of Directors by three members to be
elected in a countywide election. Currently, all members of the HCAD Board are appointed by the taxing entities in Harris County. This is your chance to have your interests represented on the HCAD Board. Your voice needs to be heard! 

  • Bring integrity and fairness to the property valuation dispute process
  • Improve efficiency in property valuation arbitration
  • Bring transparency to assessment decisions

Taxpayers deserve to have their voices heard. Taxpayers deserve fair treatment when disputing their property taxes. Taxpayers deserve board members who represent them.

A Vote for Kyle is a vote for accountability, transparency, and integrity from a family man we can trust!

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